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Studio Equator is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Melbourne's design capital, Richmond. Our focus is on return on design investment, using a creative and strategic approach.

We see business from a bird's eye view. Taking a more proactive approach, we consider ourselves more a creative business partner than a service supplier.

Carlos Flores started Studio Equator in November 2002.  He wanted to have the creative freedom to work in different disciplines and do something meaningful and personally rewarding. His goal of exploring different ideas and implementing them in new and creative ways has been adopted by all the Equator staff, which adds to a passionate and enthusiastic dynamic, where anything is possible and everything is exciting.

At Studio Equator, we love a challenge and we thrive on variety. As a multi-disciplinary creative design agency, our focus is on growing our client's business using engaging and memorable design. Our dedicated team of designers bring a fresh and artistic approach to every project, and delight in providing innovative solutions to whatever challenges come our way.

With services including Interior design, Graphic design, Web design and Multimedia Design we are able to implement our client's vision into every aspect of their business to give a cohesive whole, thus providing a total solution. We enjoy creating a brand, translating this to marketing and literature, designing the space to house the business and transforming the whole project into a digital version.

Our process is honest, adaptable and energetic, and our devotion to detail ensures a finished product of the highest quality, tailored perfectly to our clients' needs. Our focused approach generates unique interactive ideas and our staff share an intense passion for design, which makes every day at the studio an inspiration!


recent projects

C3 Apartments C3 APARTMENTS
Rogerseller_G-Lux Art of seduction installation ROGERSELLER_G-LUX ART OF SEDUCTION INSTALLATION
JUNE 25TH, 2013
Bluetrain visual identity & stationery BLUETRAIN VISUAL IDENTITY & STATIONERY
OCTOBER 10TH, 2013
Acquire Hub™ Melbourne ACQUIRE HUB™ MELBOURNE
JULY 5TH, 2016

blog entries

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05/01/17 - Beautiful Art by laylaholzer

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05/01/17 - Loud and Proud

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