We are a multidisciplinary design agency based in Melbourne's design capital, Richmond. Our focus is on return on design investment, using a creative and strategic approach.


Studio Equator is an award winning multi-discipline design agency committed to growing our clients’ business using engaging and memorable design. With 15 years of experience, we provide measurable solutions using creativity and strategy as the core approach to our practise. We are passionate about creating innovative design solutions across the hospitality, commercial, retail, residential and specialty industries.

From boutique to large scale clients, we are known for:

  • Out of the box highly creative, strategic and realistic solutions,
  • Our proven ability to truly use a cohesive multidiscipline approach to deliver a holistic result,
  • Creating cultural enriching experiences that draw on all senses; often using art, graphics, visual merchandising and story telling environments to provoke an emotional experience.

With services including strategy, interior design, graphic design, web design and product design we are able to integrate our client’s goals into all aspects of their project to ensure a cohesive, integrated and total design solution, as we aim for our projects to touch lives and enrich the cultural fabric of the brands and communities we work with.

Our approach is simple, honest, adaptable and has consistently led to amazing results for our clients, including:

  • Successful brand establishment
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in market share, value and distribution
  • Improvements in staff morale and productivity
  • Improvements in consumer attitudes and behaviour

What We Do

At Studio Equator we create meaningful customer experiences using out of the box thinking & strategic design solutions to create more with less.

Our internal collaborative approach maximizes our people’s range of skills and facilitates innovation blending many disciplines – architecture, industrial design, programming, graphic design all with a strategic mindset and focus.

By embracing our multi-cultural intelligence and bringing a global perspective to our design thinking, we are able to imagine new concepts and solutions that are fresh and vibrant. At the same time, we make sure that these solutions are tailored to the local fabric of the community that will not only inspire but will also engage you with your customers.

It is this multi-faceted approach that allows us to deliver amazing results for our clients and their customers - growing brand awareness, increasing sales, market share, lifting customer engagement and generating a positive vibe.

The building blocks we use to create these customer experiences are the core of every good Design Agency, but it is how Studio Equator re-interprets and applies them that makes the difference between a good design and a great strategic design for you and your customers.

Studio Equator offers a full range of services from a full brand audit, creative conception, graphic design, interior design, web and multimedia design etc.

  • Interior Design

    We specialize in fit outs of all sizes across Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, Retail & Franchises. We also do Showrooms, Offices, Bespoke Spaces, Bank Branches, Innovation Hubs, Pop Ups and so much more.

    • Graphic Design

      Branding, Logo design, Print, Advertising, Signage, Creative Directing etc.

      • Digital Services

        Websites, interactive, touch screens, smart phone applications, technology strategy etc.

        • Strategy

          Design Audits, Competitor & Market Analysis, Business Case Recommendations, Assistance with Company Vision, Mission & Direction etc.

          Who We Are

          At Studio Equator our team works closely in partnership with you, to imagine, explore and realize your vision. By combining our years of experience and interior design expertise we can meet your customers' experiential needs whilst delivering the best measurable outcomes for you and your customers.

          “It is our passion, creativity and our combined commitment to you that drives us to provide genuine experiences that transform the ordinary into something that is extraordinary”.

          Awards & Accolades

          Experience brings the ability to accurately assess what your needs are, not just in regard to your design concept, but more importantly within your measurable outcomes of the overall business.


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