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HERALD SUN 29-08-12

Press 01 June 2012


Studio Equator styling a creative shoot for a new billboard for G-Lux’s new...
News 01 June 2012

Fiorina Vogue

News 01 June 2012

Dutch Magazine

Big Thanks to Hans Schmeinck who is chief editor of the biggest magazine in Holland...
Press 01 June 2012

Design Effectiveness Award for Alter It

Design Effectiveness Award for Alter It showcased in AGDA (Australian Graphic...
Awards 01 June 2012

creative roots

Press 01 June 2012

Carlos Flores profiled on BBA&D Design Portal

Studio Equator’s Creative Director gets showcased in Brighton Bay Art, Design...
News 01 June 2012

Carlos Flores Brighton Bay 2012

Carlos Flores, Founder of Studio Equator and BB Alumni will officially open Brigton...
News 01 June 2012

BOB Magazine 2012

Press 01 June 2012


News 01 June 2012

Wandering through Le Flaneur

Le Flaneur gets more great reviews: “Wandering through Le...
News 01 June 2011


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