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Best Restaurant & Café Design in Chapel Street - Channel 9 Postcards Showcases our newest...

  Postcard’s Rebecca Judd visited the Chapel Street food hub showcasing...
Press 30 July 2017

TODCO (The Oakleigh Doughnut Co) Interior Design Gets published in Broadsheet

This is a new shop we designed at studio equator in the infamous Oakleigh Eaton...
Press 21 July 2017

Good Food Reviews Brothers Keeper: Studio Equator’s newest café design in Kooyong

Brothers Keeper cafe looks set to become a Kooyong classic Ask Nick Markou,...
Press 21 July 2017

Herald Sun Covers Ate One Ate Restaurant in Design Review

Herald Sun Reviews our work at Ate One Ate Hawthorn Herald Sun recently showed...
Press 29 June 2017

Wah Wah Gee Feed The Hungryartist posts

Thank you to for posting one of our latest restaurant...
Press 09 January 2017

The Melbournian Critic highlights Chalawan

This is what they had to say about our new design and offering: Offering the...
Press 01 March 2016


Dapper Gents Barbershop "The Rise of the Modern Man" is an awesome barber shop we...
Press 13 February 2016

Concrete Playground loves new addition to Smith Street Hospitality Hub "Chalawan"

Here’s a little bit about how they felt about the spatial experience:...
Press 05 February 2016

Broadsheet showcases Chalawan one of our latest projects on Smith Street Collingwood

Broadsheet showcases one of our latest projects on Smith Street Collingwood:...
Press 01 February 2016

Studio Equator Published in Chinese Design publication KIng of Shops Commercial Design

Studio Equator Published in Chinese Design publication: King of Shops_Commercial...
Press 23 May 2015

Drink Melbourne Highlights Glamp Cocktail Bar Design

Drink Melbourne Highlights Glamp Cocktail Bar This is a bit of what DM said in...
Press 23 May 2015 magazine publishes Glamp Cocktail Bar

Fashionable Blog highlights our project in their Lifestyle...
Press 23 May 2015


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