Studio Equator is shortlisted for the AGDA Awards 2017

Studio Equator is shortlisted for the AGDA Awards 2017

Studio Equator is shortlisted for the AGDA Awards 2017

The Australian Graphic Design Association's awards finalist are out and Studio Equator's custom Rug is a finalist in the Design Craft Category. We are amongst some fierce competition as teh Australian Cretive community is second to none, congratulations to the other finalists and fingers crossed...

about the Rug Design: 


Studio Equator Skull & Bones + Jungle Kings Carpet Range

As part of Studio Equator’s office renovation there was a desire to incorporate custom design elements that showcased Studio Equator’s diverse talents, one of these elements included the design and making of a custom rug range. The idea was to create a showpiece for the studio that captured the essence of Studio Equator’s creative design process in an alternative medium.

“We wanted to create a rug that allowed us to experiment with the different techniques of rug construction, we wanted to see what could be done with a 100% wool rug, that was hand tufted with different textures and colours. The rug was all about creating a functional piece of art.” - Carlos Flores (Founder & Creative director of Studio Equator)

The concept of the rug started with the idea of recreating the contour lines of a map in colour and texture, using different gradations without any specific shape or image in mind. Starting with conceptual shapes it evolved into the image of a skull. This genesis from abstract shapes and colours came about when founder Carlos, shared a vodka shot with a friend, he noticed the neon lighting bouncing off the pearlescent ‘Crystal Head’ bottle, creating a kaleidoscope of colours and a stunning array of shapes.

The ‘Skull’ rug started off as an exploration of what could be done with a rug that captured Studio Equator’s passion for creating unique designs in different materials and mediums. The team wanted to create something that was unique and representative of what they liked, something that was bold, graphical, instantly eye catching and played to their love of skull motifs. The deeper thinking behind the skull motif was the concept of life, death and rebirth - representing the circle of life.

The inspirational Crystal Head vodka is a brand based on the legend of the 13 crystal heads, found in countries across the globe. According to legend the heads are thought to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them, and as such stand not as a symbol of death, but of life.

As the rug was to be a focal piece, different shades of blue were chosen to portray the harmony of the different aspects of the studio and represent the aura of creative energy around the team. The rug uses 6 colours of different shades of blue through green, and plays with the idea of tonal colour variation and different pile heights to create a piece which is both visually and texturally compelling, a well as creating a 3-dimensional feel. 

The use of bold colours, strong lines and luxurious yarns makes for the perfect high-end design statement that delivers a dramatic visual impact and textural feel.  This was achieved through a hand tufted custom design using high quality 100% New Zealand wool, ensuring the rug’s quality and durability.

NZ Wool is a natural, renewable fibre that is produced all year round and is stylish and hardwearing. Under the right conditions wool is fully biodegradable, once a rug has reached the end of its life the wool can be composted and recycled, again mirroring the skull motif concept of life, death and rebirth.

The complex structure of wool ensures that colour is drawn right into the very heart of the fibre where it becomes locked in at a molecular level and cannot be damaged by foot traffic, furniture or other common sources of wear and tear, ensuring the design and colours remain vibrant. 

The construction of the rug was entrusted to the team at Designer Rugs, a supplier who Studio Equator felt they could work with to create this unique custom rug.  Designer Rugs were chosen for their specialist design capabilities and experience with wool, rug design and construction.

The Skull rug is the forerunner of a custom rug range that will provide Studio Equator with another medium to deliver creative design solutions for clients. The ability to create personalised, custom designed rugs further enhances the overall design, uniqueness and experience of the spaces that Studio Equator creates for its clients.



Awards 30 September 2017

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