Carlos Flores profiled on BBA&D Design Portal

Carlos Flores profiled on BBA&D Design Portal

Studio Equator’s Creative Director gets showcased in Brighton Bay Art, Design & Photography (BBAD&P) New Website

SE has continuously supported the great design school Brighton Bay Art, Design & Photography (BBAD&P) and currently sits in The Brighton Bay Advisory Committee, regularly attending and participating in mid-year reviews and at the end of the year selecting work for the Program Advisory Industry Awards at the Graduate Exhibition.

Check out the new BBAD&P designed by the great David Pidgeon, who is also an ex graduate.


About the design academy:

The origin of the BBAD&P course goes back to Brighton Technical School, established in 1922 and located at 45 Cochrane Street, North Brighton. The Albion Press (photo) at the entrance of the BBDA&P Gallery in Goldsmith Street is a memento of the beginnings of the program. The course has a long tradition in art education and successfully functions as a specialist provider in the Visual Arts. In the 1930s Industrial Arts and other night classes gave early art training to many prospective artists and craftspeople. Among the many artists and designers who began their career at Brighton are Sidney Nolan, Joy Hester and Ivan Durant, to name just a few of the names most familiar to the public.A T.O.Y. (Tertiary Orientation Year) was initiated in the early 1970s. This program taught small groups of post year 11 students in the following disciplines: Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture & English. Brighton Technical School also had a large apprenticeship program that trained engravers for the printing trade, carpenters, window glazers and apprentice chefs through William Angliss. In 1976 T.O.Y. was renamed T.O.P. (Tertiary Orientation Program). The VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) for year 11-12 was introduced in 1989 and Brighton Technical School was renamed Brighton Bay Secondary College, then Brighton Bay Annex. The Art Department designed an extensive range of VCE units supported by art workshops and provisions were made for folio development. The units/workshops covered drawing, design, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design studies, painting, printmaking, ceramics and prepared students for further art studies. In 1991 the Minister for Education and Training confirmed the strength of the art, design and photography program for senior students and in 1992 the Brighton Bay Annex was recognised for its position as an exemplary model in post compulsory art education. The art, design and photography program was developed within the framework of a Year 13 pilot pathways course. Brighton Secondary College was closed in 1991 and the buildings were later demolished to make way for new housing developments on the (approx.) seven acres of land. In the meantime, the program continued to be supported and conducted on the Brighton Bay site until 1993. For three years the Tertiary Orientation Program operated independently out of the closed secondary college. During that time it was first attached to Ardoch College, then to Prahran Secondary College, until both were closed. At the end of 1993, through the concerted efforts of staff, the support of tertiary institutions and friends of the course, the program was attached to a new senior campus in the region and specific purpose built facilities developed to house them. In January 1995, the program moved into its own building in Goldsmith Street, adjacent to Elwood College, 101 Glen Huntly Rd, Elwood. The program was renamed Brighton Bay Art Design & Photography Program. The BBAD&P staff established a one year full-time course for students who had completed VCE, a pathway to further study at University or TAFE. A philosophical link to the Bauhaus school in Germany has developed over many years of teaching through a ‘hands on’ approach and multi-disciplinary learning areas, combining the arts, design and crafts.

News 01 June 2012

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