Longi Pasta by Shyika&Shyika

Longi Pasta by Shyika&Shyika

Amazing looking Pasta Packaging and beautifully crafted pasta also!

The main idea of packaging concepts is to emphasize the shapes of long pasta types. The line of the Longi Pasta brand includes two sorts of pasta: classic and veggie, and four different types of each sort: fettuccine, tripoline, fusilli and spaghetti.

We have created typography that imitates the unique form of each pasta type and this has become the main focus on packaging. Also, we chose a non-standard form of packaging for pasta — a tube. We have decided to create a clean design without unnecessary elements, so on the front of the packaging, there are only logo, name of the type pasta, and the transparent area which makes the product is visible.

Flexography printing

Designed by Shyika&Shyika

Via: https://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2020/07/longi-pasta.html

Blog 12 August 2020

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