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Tommy Ruff Fish Bar Mordialloc





Eat Drink Design Awards: Finalist for Best Identity 2013


Owners of Fish Bar, Tommy Ruff are excited to announce the opening of their new Fish bar in Mordialloc!


From the success of their establishment in Elsternwick, it was time to open the second beachside Fish Bar in Mordialloc.  After 30 years in the business, John's passion for fresh seafood is still strong and inspiring, and doubtless one of the reasons he has been so successful.  John wanted this passion to show not only in the quality of his food, but also in the branding and fit out of his restaurants.


In creating the second shop fit out, we wanted the look to be varied and visually interesting, while still being consistent as a whole.  To this end we used the same design model as the Elsternwick shop.


The designers developed different graphic styles - a coloured textural triangle pattern, a fishing net pattern and a fun collage of newspaper clippings featuring owner John Stamoulis who is well known in Melbourne's fishing and seafood communities.  They also used several different fonts and layering of patterns, text and illustrations.  All of these were also overlaid by playful hand-drawn illustrations that were used throughout all the graphic applications, and also applied to our interior design concept. The design and visual identity extends from the fit out to the menus, uniforms and collateral.


The collage of newspaper clippings featuring John was made into custom wallpaper and used as a feature wall - a great testament to the heritage of the brand and John’s passion and experience.


We strung pendant lights across the ceiling to create a look suggestive of fishing nets, and designed custom feature lights from fishing rods for a unique and deliciously relevant detail.  The overall effect is natural, rustic and reminiscent of the ocean and traditional seaside establishments.  Bright beach colours and fishing inspired details are used throughout to give the impression that you are right on the ocean, perhaps about to fish for your own lunch!


Each element holds the brand together with complimenting corporate colours, quirky hand drawn designs, fishing paraphernalia and a strong contemporary image creating a ‘fish, line and hook catch of the day.’