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The Tasty Thai concept is to provide healthy, authentic Thai food quickly and affordably.  With Franchises in over ten countries in Asia-Pacific, Tasty Thai is fast becoming a global brand.  studio equator's challenge was to implement the brand from Thailand, adapting it to suit the Australian market, without altering it too much from the master brand.

Although the stores located in Thailand have a very cool fresh vibe intended to offset the hot weather there, the design for Australian franchises called for a slightly warmer cosier environment, emphasising the casual dining component popular here. Black and white photography style murals showing authentic Thai images, textural wallpapers and contemporary light fittings along with a variety of seating options complemented this.

The company logo and colours remained the same as the master brand, however the proportion of the colour scheme within the fit out was tweaked to add interest.  The red element was minimised to small but strong features serving to focus attention toward the counter.  Minimal colours were used on the counter itself to emphasise the clean classy menu display and service area.

studio equator developed a menu design using large magnetic sections which can be easily replaced, making the design easily adaptable to local markets and franchises.