Studio Equator



Jax Coco


Studio Equator was appointed to design a point of sale display for Jax Coco’s Coconut Water product.The aim was to produce an eye catching display that stood out enough to be seen yet draw your eye closer to the product being displayed.

Jax Coco is leading in the retail industry against its competitors, promoting its completely organic and one of a kind process in manufacturing a pure and organic Coconut water beverage.

Recently, Jax Coco sponsored the F1 Grand Prix Launch party at new and renowned venue, Ms Collins in Melbourne’s CBD.  An unexpected amount of F1 savvy (and not so savvy) enthusiasts attended the event held in March 2014 as the Grand Prix opened another year of Formula 1 racing season in Melbourne.  Jax Coco’s sponsorship at the event proved to be a game changing opportunity, which brought the services of Studio Equator along.  Promoting and selling their Coconut water in the venue for the event, Jax Coco wished to create a point of difference with their already stylized packaging and to further highlight their brand for the night.

The point of sale display replicates the organic and pure concept of Jax Coco’s brand. With clean curves and symmetrical flow, the waves of the piece surround the product perfectly mantled into a pale wooden box.  The turquoise waves replicate the purity and liquidity of the brand’s product using laser cut acrylic as the main material.  The acrylic allowed the designers to experiment further by installing small yet effective LED lighting within the wooden frame to emboss the piece and stand out within a dark nightclub such as Ms Collins.

The display is lightweight; mobile and reusable proving to be an inexpensive investment with the ability to reuse the pieces at upcoming promotional events Jax Coco may be affiliated with.